Manage finances the right way.

No more opening multiple tabs to do your finances. Balance provides you the tools you need to keep your finances together and gain total control over your money – so you can focus on what you do best.

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Feature Pipeline
Monthly budgets help you stay on top of your finances.
Saving Goals
Set up saving goals for your dreams (go wild). Vacation, car, house? You name it.
Review Days
Don't set-and-forget. Balance helps you set up review days so you stay on track and not have the same "I will start budgeting (no, seriously!)" resolution every year.
Not everyone uses auto-pay. Add your bills in one place so Balance can remind you when that Comcast bill is coming up.
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Things I'm rooting for
Habit cultivation
Budgeting is not hard. It's just a habit. Sticking to it requires discipline and I feel that a good product can help you achieve that discipline.
Plugs into existing lifestyle
People are familiar and inseparable with apps. I don't want to create a spreadsheet with highly complex formulas that make it harder for people to adopt. A simple, intuitive, yet powerful tool is surely more useful.
I am the first customer
I'm solving my own problems by building Balance.
I sincerely hope you give Balance a try!
Have a good 🥳

Balance is a 1 person team and is under active development.